In 2011, I joined the Khan Academy team as lead exercise developer, building over a hundred interactive math exercise modules for the Khan Academy platform. As the team grew, I helped build tools to allow scores of great teachers, tutors, and professors create rich learning experiences on Khan Academy and led a partnership with Phillips Academy Andover to create the first version of Khan Academy’s AP calculus content. I now manage the web frontend, support, and QA teams, helping to make all aspects of the website delightful for learners. Before joining Khan Academy I worked on networking hardware at my own startup and previously at larger tech companies in sales and engineering roles.

In my spare time I fly airplanes and enjoy sharing my passion for learning how things work through my own instructional videos.

Education? I went to school for Computer Science, but dropped out after the first year. I have a few other credentials:

  • Commercial pilot (Airplane single engine land, Airplane multiengine land, Instrument airplane)
  • JNCIE-SP #140 (29 Aug 2005)
  • JNCIE-FWV #7 (1 Jan 2008)
  • JNCIE-ER #28 (21 Apr 2008)
  • U.S. Patent #8,281,400 “Systems and methods for identifying sources of network attacks”