The random access memory (RAM) stores the program the computer is executing as well as any data the program needs. Our breadboard computer uses 4-bit addresses which means it will only have 16 bytes of RAM, limiting the size and complexity of programs it can run. This is by far its biggest limitation.



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Parts list

31kΩ resistor
10.01µF capacitor
174LS00 (Quad NAND gate)
274LS04 (Hex inverter)
474LS157 (Quad 2-to-1 line data selector)
174LS173 (4-bit D-type register)
274LS189 (64-bit random access memory)
174LS245 (Octal bus transceiver)
1Double-throw toggle switch
1Momentary 6mm tact switch
18-position DIP switch
14-position DIP switch
9Red LED
4Yellow LED
1Green LED